Swiss cadastral system

The Swiss cadastral system comprises the cadastral surveying, the Cadastre of Public-law Restrictions on landownership (PLR-cadastre) and the land register.

Cadastral Surveying

It is no exaggeration to state that the cadastral survey provides an essential basis for important areas of modern-day life. Around 3,150 qualified personnel are involved in its development: licensed surveyors and their colleagues.

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The PLR-cadastre is a reliable, official system for providing information about the most important public law restrictions on landownership. For decision-making purposes, people seeking such information can obtain a static or a dynamic PLR-cadastre extract.

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Land register

The land register contains data relating to plots of land, together with their existing private law rights and encumbrances, e.g. easements and mortgages.

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With just a few mouse clicks you can obtain information about specific plots of land, together with their plans and aerial views.

Swiss Cadastral Surveying

The Swiss cadastral surveying is the guarantor of landownership in Switzerland. It comprises three pillars: the cadastral surveying, the public law restrictions on landownership (PLR) cadastre and the land register.

In Switzerland, landownership is guaranteed by the Swiss cadastral system. Experts in cadastral surveying working in the federal government, the cantons and municipalities as well as those in the private sector cooperate in order to manage and protect legal land objects.

PLR-cadastre at a glance

Der ÖREB-Kataster bietet einen einfachen Zugang zu verschiedensten Grundstücksinformationen. Diese können via kantonale ÖREB-Geoportale abgerufen werden.

Your are interested in Public-law Restrictions on landownership (PLR). Here you will find more information about the PLR-cadastre, including how to obtain and use cadastral information.