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Official street directory

The official street directory lists all streets, squares, named districts, steps, passages, etc., that form part of one or more official building addresses and/or are included in a city map or geoportal. Its basis is the cadastral survey data.


The official street directory can be used by the public administration, as well as by companies for commercial purposes. For example, it can be used as a database for cartographic products and is also suitable for integration into web services. The official street directory contains the following information: 

  • An unambiguous identifier 
  • A clearly designated street name in each locality – street names in multilingual regions may be listed in more than one language 
  • The applicable name of the locality and the post code from the official directory of municipalities
  • The applicable name and number of the municipality from the official directory of municipalities
  • The geographic location of each street
  • The status of each street (completed, under construction, etc.).

Status of the data

swisstopo updates the data based on the buildings and dwellings register and the cadastral survey.

Publication of updates

Each municipality (and sometimes the canton itself) enters most of the content of this directory in the buildings and dwellings register that is compiled by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). The FSO delivers the data each day to swisstopo, which where necessary supplements them with data from the cadastral survey and the topographic landscape model and subsequently publishes them for use free of charge by everyone.


The official street directory is publicly available and can be downloaded free of charge from

Procurement of  data

The data are available in two formats.



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