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Official directory of towns and cities

The official directory of towns and cities is a dataset. In addition to postcodes, it also includes perimeters.

Product description

The Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo) compiles, manages and publishes the directory of towns and cities, which includes postcodes as well as perimeters. The «PLZO_CH» dataset is managed centrally and is available throughout the entire country.

Status of data

The «PLZO_CH» dataset is kept constantly up to date. An updated version is posted online each month.

Reporting of updates

Amendments relating to towns and cities are entered and reported by the relevant cantonal authorities and Swiss Post. If something has nonetheless been overlooked, however, the applicable information may be reported directly to the relevant cantonal cadastral surveying authority.


The official directory of towns and cities is publicly available and can be downloaded free of charge from

Procurement of data

The data are available in four formats. For further information, please refer to the product information.

Download the current version

Release notes 2016–

Release notes 2015–2010


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