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Register of surveyors in Switzerland

Only those persons who are listed in the register of surveyors are authorised to independently carry out cadastral surveying tasks.

It is only licensed surveyors who are authorised to update cadastral surveying plans, i.e. to modify and supplement them accordingly in the event of any changes of a legal or factual nature. These actions result in changes to a fundamental element relating to landownership rights. The documentation pertaining to a modification of landownership takes the form of a public deed, which may only be issued by surveyors who hold the required federal licence and are listed in the register of surveyors.

Licensed surveyors carry out their daily activities in a widely diversified network.

Access to the register of surveyors

Clear distinction between evidence of qualification, professional practice and disciplinary measures

All surveyors listed in the register undertake to observe the professional code of conduct and comply with the specified obligations. In this way, the practical qualifications of surveyors, which are assured via the state examination and the awarded licence, are supplemented by personal qualifications. Here, the objective of the legislator is to ensure that state services are provided by highly qualified specialists.

The register is the responsibility of the Federal Commission for Surveyors.




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