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MOpublic – simplified cadastral surveying data model

MOpublic is the simplified version of the cadastral surveying data model, and has been specified as the official Swiss standard.

MOpublic ist das vereinfachte Datenmodell der amtlichen Vermessung. Es ist als schweizerischer Standard festgelegt.

Product description

MOpublic is a cadastral surveying data model for the use of clients who wish to import the data in a less complex structure than that of the federal model (DM.01-AV-CH).

The MOpublic data model has been specified as the official Swiss standard. Additions by the cantons are not permitted.

Status of data

Cantons may produce an updated version in the same way as with the federal model, which forms the basis for MOpublic.


The costs for purchasing data are regulated at the cantonal level.

Procurement of data

Data may be obtained via the relevant cantonal cadastral surveying authority.

The dataset is available in several exchange formats:

  • GML
  • DXF

The structure of the MOpublic data model is defined in English only. One of the reasons for this is that it eliminates the need to create a separate export interface for each language.

The terminology is listed in a separate dataset «LookUp» in German, French, Italian and English.

«LookUp», separate dataset «LookUp» in German, French, Italian and English


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Cadastral surveying and PLR-cadastre

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Terms and abbreviations used in the Swiss cadastral surveying system

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