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Plan for the land register

The plan for the land register is the most important document for safeguarding landownership.

Product description

The plan for the land register encompasses the location, form and content of a plot of land. The data are collected via the cadastral survey. The plan is an official document and forms an integral part of the land register. The recorded boundaries of plots of land are legally binding, and the plan thus serves as a tool for safeguarding landownership.

  • Scale: 1:250 to 1:10‘000
  • Explanation of symbols: symbols, lines and shaded areas
  • Designation: until 1993, land registry plan

Updating procedure

If the legal or factual circumstances of a plot of land change, the plot has to be surveyed again and the data have to be updated. The reporting procedure for updating is regulated at the cantonal level.

Procurement of the plan

The method of obtaining the plan varies from canton to canton. The Cadastral information Internet service indicates the address of the issuing office for each plot of land under the heading, «Update surveyor».


The fees for the purchase of data are regulated at the cantonal level.


Contact (no procurement of the plan)

Geodesy and Federal Directorate of Cadastral Surveying
Cadastral surveying and PLR-cadastre

Telephone +41 58 464 73 03




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Terms and abbreviations used in the Swiss cadastral surveying system

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