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Cadastral survey data – procurement

Cadastral survey data are collected, managed and updated by the cantons. In their entirety, they form a national product.

Product description

Cadastral surveying provides data relating to landownership and is the basis for a broad variety of geographic data and applications in the economy, the administration and private life.

Updating procedure

Updating cadastral survey data is the responsibility of the cantons.


The fees for the purchase of data are regulated at the cantonal level.

Procuring data for individual cantons

The data for individual cantons can be procured from the respective cantonal surveying supervisory authority.

Data can be viewed via the corresponding cantonal geoportal (map depiction). The cantons are responsible for the content of their datasets.

Direct access to the cantonal geoportals

Below you will find a list of all cantonal geoportals as an overview:

Procuring data for several cantons is the intercantonal portal for obtaining geodata and associated services. The official geodata for which the cantons and municipalities are responsible are pooled and provided in this portal.

Address for procuring cadastral survey products via the porta / Specifications


Geodesy and Federal Directorate of Cadastral Surveying
Cadastral surveying and PLR-cadastre

Telephone +41 58 464 73 03




Terms and abbreviations used in the Swiss cadastral surveying system

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