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Basic cadastral surveying plan

The basic cadastral surveying plan serves as a background plan in raster form. It may also be superimposed with additional thematic data.

Product description

The basic cadastral surveying plan is a uniform plan encompassing the whole of Switzerland. Its content is automatically derived from the cadastral surveying data, with the exception of the depiction of rock faces, which is taken directly from the 1:25,000 National Map. Its conception is that of a background plan in raster form onto which additional information can be superimposed.

  • Scale
    • 1:2'500 for dense urban zones
    • 1:10'000 for mountain regions
    • 1:5'000 for other regions
  • Depiction:
    • black-and-white or colour
    • digital or hardcopy
    • non-generalised, i.e. survey objects are omitted depending on the selected scale
  • Explanation of symbols: symbols, lines, shaded areas
  • Designation: prior to 2008, overview plan

Status of data

If the legal or factual circumstances of a plot of land change, the plot has to be surveyed again and the data have to be updated. The reporting procedure for updating is regulated at the cantonal level.


The fees for the purchase of data are regulated at the cantonal level.

Procurement of the plan

The plan can only be generated from those regions in which numeric data are available in accordance with the recognised standard (AV93) and can be obtained from the cantonal cadastral surveying authorities.



Geodesy and Federal Directorate of Cadastral Surveying
Cadastral surveying and PLR-cadastre

Telephone +41 58 464 73 03




Terms and abbreviations used in the Swiss cadastral surveying system

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