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Services & publications

The Swiss cadastral system not only provides essential basic data for specialists, it also offers a variety of services, products and publications that are of general interest.

Tasks that in the past could only be performed after a visit to a public authority or by telephone can now be carried out at the click of a mouse: obtaining information about plots of land, including any applicable restrictions on their use; finding out which authority is responsible for updating the cadastral survey; checking the status and quality standard of the cadastral surveying in a given municipality, etc.

In addition, brochures, reports, specialist articles and a variety of other publications are available that provide information about the Swiss cadastral system and explain it in a comprehensible manner.

These services, products and publications point out the diverse benefits that are created by the cadastral survey, the land register and the Cadastre of Public-law Restrictions on landownership (PLR-cadastre) and the land register, which together form the Swiss cadastral system.



Geodesy and Federal Directorate of Cadastral Surveying
Cadastral surveying and PLR Cadastre

Telephone +41 58 464 73 03




Terms and abbreviations used in the Swiss cadastral surveying system

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